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Welcome to Army-Portal.com. Our goal is to become the most in-depth and trusted resource for Army information. We have a lot of work ahead of us but we are committed to serving the Army community and hope you are satisfied with the quality of information provided.

Be sure to bookmark our website as new content will be added frequently as we strive to become the best resource for Army information for soldiers, spouses, veterans, or military enthusiasts nationwide and for those serving our country overseas. UPDATE: We are in the process of updating enlistment bonus information. Be advised that cash bonuses are now restricted to the following two MOSs: 09L and 35P. Many of our pages do not reflect that information yet.

Army Benefits

There are many excellent benefits to joining the Army. The Post 9/11 GI Bill, the military's TRICARE health care system, and retirement pay are just some of the great benefits provided. Visit our Army Benefits section to learn about these and other benefits to joining the Army.

Joining the Army

Prior to enlisting in the Army, doing some basic research can make it much less stressful. Visit our Joining the Army section to learn about the process, from seeing if you meet the requirements to initial contact with an Army recruiter and making it through basic training.

Army Jobs

With hundreds of jobs to choose from, there is sure to be a military occupational specialty (MOS) that appeals to you. Learn about them in the Army Jobs section.

Pay and Promotions

The Army tends to promote talented soldiers faster than any other service. Visit the Pay and Promotions section to learn about Army compensation as well as how to get promoted!