Army Tuition Assistance Program

While the GI Bill is a widely known education benefit for soldiers, the military also provides tuition assistance while serving on active duty. This is a great way for soldiers to work towards their degree while serving their country around the world at little or no personal expense. Under the tuition assistance program, 100% of tuition and authorized fees are covered up to the rates indicated below.

Tuition Assistance Rate

$250/semester hour cap
$166/quarter credit hour cap
$4,500 payment ceiling each fiscal year

Many military friendly schools are located on Army installations with many other colleges increasingly targeting the military as well due to the proliferation of distance learning. Public universities routinely charge the in-state tuition rate for military servicemembers on active duty while other colleges targeting the military are usually good about ensuring soldiers don't pay much if any tuition out of pocket for undergraduate courses.

What Fees are Covered

The tuition assistance program only covers mandatory fees associated with the enrollment for a specific course. Application and graduation fees are not covered as well as any other non-refundable fees. Books and supplies required for a course are not covered either but some colleges do provide the books as part of the tuition charge.

Who's Eligible

All active duty enlisted, officers, and warrant officers are able to utilize the tuition assistance program, including the Army Reserve and National Guard when called to active duty.

How to Get Started

Tuition Assistance is easy to use by visiting GoArmyEd. GoArmyEd is an easy to use online education portal that automates much of the process of using tuition assistance benefits. Prior to utilizing the tuition assistance program, a tuition assistance statement of understanding must be signed by the soldier and his commander (E-7s and above may sign both for themselves and the commander for the TA SOU form). The local Army Education office can assist soldiers with the process of utilizing tuition assistance and beginning college classes.

Article Last Modified: September 3, 2010

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