Army Physical Fitness Test APFT Chart

Soldiers in the Army take the Army physical fitness test (APFT) every 6 months (except for those injured and on a physical profile). View the APFT chart.

The APFT consists of three events:

Push Ups
In the first APFT event, soldiers must perform as many push ups as they can in two minutes. They are allowed to rest by "sagging in the middle" or "arching their back" during testing, but are not allowed to support most of their weight with their legs while doing so. Removing either hand from the ground also results in disqualification.

Sit Ups
Soldiers then perform as many sit ups as they can in two minutes. They are allowed to rest in the upright position. Resting on the ground is prohibited and results in termination. However, if the soldier is making a continuous effort to get off the ground they will not be terminated.

Two Mile Run
The last event is a two mile timed run. Pacers are allowed to run with someone taking the test but are not allowed to touch the soldier. A pacer coming into physical contact with the paced soldier results in disqualification. Those on a permanent profile may be allowed to do a timed walk instead.


Doing well on the APFT has several advantages for soldiers. Many company commanders exempt Soldiers who score 90 in each event from company PT sessions as long as they maintain their high APFT score. Those going to the Sergeant or Staff Sergeant promotion board are also given promotion points based on their APFT score.

Soldiers must score a 60 in each event to pass the APFT except for those in basic combat training; they must score 50 or higher in each event. View the APFT chart.

Article Last Modified: February 28, 2011

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