Career Enhancement

The Army is a wonderful opportunity to start a career in your chosen area of interest or to enhance your work experience in a given career. The Army offers over 150 different jobs for active duty soldiers, from tracks in the IT field, arts/media, construction/engineering, mechanics, medical, legal, transportation, etc. Given the wide variety of jobs available, there is sure to be an Army job (or Military Occupational Specialty) that appeals to you. covers each military occupational specialty in detail at the Army Jobs / MOS List section. Our comprehensive coverage of Army MOSs is designed to aid you in determining which jobs appeal to your individual needs and interests.

For those just graduating from high school, the Army can provide the confidence and work experience that is essential to gaining a foothold in your chosen area of interest. Whether you decide to stay in the Army long-term or choose to get out after your initial enlistment, the unique skills and work experience you acquired while serving your country is sought after by civilian employers. There probably isn't a better opportunity to be found if you wish to obtain ever increasing levels of responsibility while being paid competitively. Many people mistakenly believe that enlisted soldiers get paid poorly which is largely a misconception. With the many allowances and entitlements offered by the military, simply looking at the basic pay rate is a very poor indicator of the overall compensation of military members.

The Army also provides an excellent opportunity to see the world and live in foreign countries. For a complete listing of Army organizations around the world, visit's organization map and click on the respective region.

Article Last Modified: May 19, 2010

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