Army Jobs / MOS List

There are hundreds of active duty jobs for enlisted, officers, and warrant officers to choose from in the Army (and some dedicated to the Reserves and National Guard), which we separate into their appropriate branch. Most branches are self explanatory as far as the jobs they offer—for the other branches, a description of the jobs offered are included to assist your job hunting efforts. Each MOS is also accompanied with duty description, major duties, ASVAB score requirements, security clearance requirements, AIT length & location, current enlistment bonuses on offer, and all other requirements that need to be filled for that MOS.

Adjutant General's Corps MOS list
  • Administrative
  • Recruiting & Retention
JAG MOS list
  • Legal
Air Defense MOS list Air Defense Artillery Medical Service Corps MOS list Medical Service Corps
Armor MOS list Military Intelligence Corps MOS list
  • Counter Intel
  • Comms Intel
  • Electronic Warfare
Aviation MOS list Aviation Military Police Corps MOS list Military Police Corps
Army Band
Ordnance Corps MOS list
Ordnance Corps
  • Electronic & Mechanical MX
  • EOD
  • Armament MX
  • Ammunition
Chaplain Corps MOS list Chaplain Corps Psychological Operations MOS list Psychological Operations
Chemical Corps MOS list Chemical Corps Public Affairs MOS list Public Affairs
Civil Affairs MOS list
Quartermaster Corps MOS list
  • Laundry and Shower
  • Fuels & Water
  • Fabric
Corps of Engineers MOS list Signal Corps MOS list
  • Visual Info
  • Communications
  • Info Systems
Field Artillery MOS list Field Artillery Special Forces MOS list Special Forces
Finance Corps MOS list Finance Corps Transportation Corps MOS list Transportation Corps
Infantry MOS list Infantry Remaining enlisted MOS:
09L—Interpreter / Translator

Officer Only Jobs / MOS List

Medical Corps MOS list Medical Corps Medical Specialist Corps MOS list Medical Specialist Corps
Dental Corps MOS list Dental Corps Veterinary Corps MOS list Veterinary Corps
Nurse Corps MOS list Nurse Corps Remaining Officer Jobs / MOS List