Army Civilian Acquired Skills Program ACASP

Many jobs (MOSs) in the Army qualify for the Army civilian acquired skills program (ACASP). This grants accelerated promotion to the rank of Specialist for those who possess specialized skills applicable to an MOS. The MOS must be identified as an ACASP eligible MOS. Our Army Jobs section identifies an MOS that is ACASP eligible with an asterisk.

ACASP Enlistment Bonus

ACASP enlistment bonuses are authorized for all ACASP MOSs on tier levels 1 through 5 (see the enlistment bonuses by MOS page for the tier levels). Applicants must have tier 1 education credentials (GEDs, home schooling, correspondence schools are considered Tier 2), qualify as non-prior service, meet training / work experience requirements for the ACASP MOS, and enlist for a term of service of three or more years. If the soldier fails to complete training / certification in the ACASP MOS the advanced rank will be adjusted according to regulation and the ACASP bonus recouped. The bonus amount offered is $5,000 although the Army Reserves may offer up to $20,000 for those possessing needed skills and enlist for 6 years.

ACASP Requirements

Army Civilian Acquired Skills Program applicants must present valid evidence of completion of required civilian training to enlistment authorities. This evidence may include certificates, transcripts, diplomas, union cards, or employment records showing the period of actual work experience, training received, degree of proficiency attained, and a summary of duties and training in a civilian-acquired skill. Training may include successful completion of union, industry, or Government recognized training or apprenticeship programs. Certificates and diplomas submitted by applicants must bear the original seal of the institution awarding the document, or be documented as true copies.

Persons who meet the training and work experience requirements as outlined for an individual MOS in the Army Jobs / MOS List section and satisfy all other general enlistment criteria will be enlisted in pay grade E–4 as long as they accumulate training or hands-on experience in the given skill within 24 months of enlistment. Those qualified under ACASP but fail to achieve the required ASVAB line score for the given MOS may be given an exception to policy.

Classification interviewers at reception battalions will continue to review individual qualifications. They will identify Soldiers not recruited under the ACASP but who should be processed according to Army regulations as it applies to soldiers with civilian-acquired skills. Soldiers found qualified under ACASP will be referred to the USAREC liaison.

Article Last Modified: March 8, 2011