MOS 140A—Command and Control Systems Integrator

Command and Control Systems Integrator (MOS 140A) Description / Major Duties:

Supervise, plan, maintain, manage and coordinate all joint data link operations and command, control, communications, computers and intelligence (C4I) systems training associated with Forward Area Air Defense (FAAD); Patriot Battery Command Post (BCP); Patriot Tactical Control System (TCS); Air Missile Defense Planning Control System (AMDPCS); Corps, Division, and Brigade level Air Defense Air Management (ADAM) Cells; and the Joint Tactical Ground Station (JTAGS), with ancillary equipment. Responsible for coordinating the activities of enhanced operators for the maintenance of computers off the shelf (COTS) and common hardware software (CHS) including ancillary equipment. Estimates repair priorities based on fix or fight criteria and availability of required assets. Advise the commander on system employment options, capabilities, and configuration management for all Army AMD Command and Control (C2) systems. Responsible for materiel reporting and readiness, system employment and crew certifications. Act as instructors for soldiers and officers, teaching the necessary tasks of employing assets and adapting the software that best supports Army AMD C2 doctrine. Analyze and interpret data employed in the communications architecture for a joint theater to support immature or sustained operations with the C2 assets on hand, and when necessary, serve as the detachment commander. Serves as the Army track data coordinator for the regional area AMD coordinator; and the regional interface control officer (RICO). Daily duties include configuration management for the Air and Missile Defense Command and Control systems (AMDPCS), including ancillary equipment. Serve as data-link managers providing prioritization and SOPs for joint interoperability. Can serve in other nominative positions Army wide, with duties as instructors, career managers or staff positions in directorates.

Minimum prerequisites for MOS 140A:
Note: Any prerequisites not met will require submission of a written prerequisite waiver to the proponent. No waivers will be granted for E-4 and below.

  • Be a SSG or above, MOS 14J with 5 years experience or hold MOS 14S with five years MOS experience and 3 or more years documented experience with Unix, computer repair, or tactical communication, and a Mech or Elec score of 100 or more. (Recruiter, Drill Sergeant and other non-technical duties are not considered field experience)
  • Must possess a minimum of 2 years leadership experience (experience documented on an NCOER) in the feeder MOS. (waivers will be granted on a case by case basis for National Guard/Reserves).
  • Must submit copies of ALL NCOERs. The preponderance of your NCOERs must reflect outstanding and exceptional duty performance ratings noted with "among the best" ratings by the Rater and "successful" and "superior" ratings by the Senior Rater.
  • Applicants from sister services or feeder MOS’s will be considered based on qualifications and experience.
  • A minimum of six semester hours of college level English and Math from an accredited academic institution. Speech and public speaking courses are not considered as meeting this requirement even if administered by the English department of an institution. Successful completion of the CLEP general examination in English is the only acceptable alternatives.
  • Written recommendation from a senior (CW3 or higher) Warrant Officer in the career field applying for.
  • Physical profile of not less than 111121

Article Last Modified: February 16, 2011

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