MOS 14H—Air Defense Enhanced Early Warning Operator

Qualifications for initial award of MOS 14H, Air Defense Enhanced Early Warning Operator:

PULHES: Unknown
Physical Demands Rating: Unknown
Required ASVAB Score: Unknown
Enlistment Bonus: Level 3
Security Clearance: None
U.S. Citizenship: Required
AIT Length / Location: 11 weeks at Ft Sill, OK

Air Defense Enhanced Early Warning Operator (MOS 14H) Description / Major Duties:

MOS 14J (Air Defense Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence Tactical Operations Center Enhanced Operator / Maintainer) was recently split into two separate MOSs, 14H and 14H. As 14H (Air Defense Enhanced Early Warning Operator) is a newly established MOS, not all of the enlistment requirements are known at this time. However, since the MOS was split from 14J, the requirements should be very similar in nature.

MOS 14H will start training soldiers on July 11th with 14J finishing its last class on May 9th. Of the two newly established MOSs split from 14J, MOS 14H soldiers will be in the Active Component only and be assigned to PATRIOT battalions and batteries, Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense batteries, and the Space and Missile Defense Command. Soldiers assigned to the Space and Missile Defense Command can expect assignments with Joint Tactical Ground Station, Ground-base Midcourse Defense, and the Forward Based X Band Radar. The equipment in the air defense formations will be narrowed down to the PATRIOT Battery Command Post, PATRIOT Tactical Control Station, Forward Area Air Defense Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence-Engagement Operations Workstation, and the Air Defense Warning System. Soldiers who receive such assignments will have to undergo further training in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where they prepare for their assignment and are awarded an additional skill identifier.

Article Last Modified: May 10, 2011

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