MOS 150A—Air traffic and Air Space Management Technician

Air traffic and Air Space Management Technician (MOS 150A) Description / Major Duties:

Supervises the effective utilization of ATC equipment and ATC personnel at all categories of Army ATC facilities; supervises fixed base ATC training and rating programs, combat support training and certification programs, and combat support and fixed base facility operations procedures; and supervises airspace management functions and airspace processing procedures into the National Airspace System (NAS).

Minimum Prerequisites for MOS 150A:

  • Be a SGT (E5) or above in MOS 15Q.
  • Last five years experience in MOS 15Q, hold facility ratings for both combat support tower and radar air traffic control (ATC) facility.
  • Successfully pass a Class IV Flying Duty Medical Examination (FDME) IAW AR 40-501 that has been approved by the Commander, U.S. Army Aeromedical Center.
  • Two years experience in air traffic control leadership positions as Tactical Team Leader or Shift Leader as defined in DA Pam 611-21. Leadership experience must be documented on NCOER's.
  • Applicants from sister services or other Army MOSs will be considered based on qualifications and experience.
  • Be a BNCOC graduate (now known as Advanced Leader Course) in a feeder MOS.

Preferred Prerequisites for MOS 150A:

  • Two years of college credit at an accredited institution.
  • Experience as a Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) air traffic controller.

Article Last Modified: February 20, 2011

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