MOS 151A—Aviation Maintenance Technician

Aviation Maintenance Technician (MOS 151A) Description / Major Duties:

Manages personnel, supply, equipment, and facility assets to maintain and repair Army rotary and fixed wing aircraft. Organizes maintenance elements to inspect, service, test, disassemble, repair, reassemble, adjust, replace parts, and retest aircraft or aircraft components. Prepares, implements, and maintains standing operating procedures for management of maintenance activities. Interprets regulations, technical manuals, and orders pertaining to maintenance of Army aircraft for commanders and subordinates. Supervises aviation equipment maintenance and repair shop, section, or platoon. Directs maintenance and accountability of organizational test equipment, supplies and recovery equipment.

Minimum Prerequisites for MOS 151A:

  • Be a SGT (E5) or above.
  • Hold an MOS in CMF 15 (excluding 15P/Q MOS').
  • Must have worked five of the last eight years in CMF 15.
  • Be a BNCOC graduate (now known as Advanced Leader Course) in a feeder MOS.
  • At least one year experience as a section chief or have supervisory experience as defined in DA Pam 611-21.
  • Supervisory experience must be documented in NCOER's.
  • Less than 12 years AFS on date that DA form 61 is signed.

Preferred Prerequisites for MOS 151A:

  • Hold an Aircraft and Power Plant (A&P) certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA).
  • Two years of college credit at an accredited institution.

Article Last Modified: February 20, 2011

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