MOS 131A—Field Artillery Targeting Technician

Field Artillery Targeting Technician (MOS 131A) Description / Major Duties:

The Field Artillery warrant officer provides assistance and advice to the commander and staff on all matters relative to the employment of target acquisition assets and the Army’s targeting methodology. Plans, organizes, implements, monitors, and evaluates operations, threat environment, maintenance and advice on the technical/tactical employment of Target Acquisition Sensors. Synchronizes and coordinates the Army’s targeting process, Joint Fires, Indirect Fires and Information Operations at all echelons. At junior grades (W1 and W2) may serve as a Target Acquisition Platoon Leader or Counter-fire Officer in the Fires Battalion or a Target Analyst at the BCT HQ. Senior Warrant Officers serve as: W3 – BCT Targeting Officers, Field Artillery Intelligence Officers (FAIO) in Divisions and Corps. W4 – Corps FAIO, Corps Targeting Officers and Targeting Officers in a Battlefield Coordination Detachment (BCD.) W5 – Serve as Corps and echelons above Corps Targeting Officers.

Minimum Requirements for MOS 131A:

  • Be a SSG and Above. (Not Waiverable)
  • Be a BNCOC (All Phases) or Advance Leadership Course (ALC) graduate. (Not Waiverable)
  • Hold MOS 13B, 13D, 13F, 13M, 13P, 13R, 13T, 11C, 19D (with 5 years experience in a feeder MOS)
    • Air Force - 1A4xx, 1C5xx, 1C6xx - FA Firefinder Radar Operator
    • Marines - 08xx - Field Artillery
    • Navy - 9540 Cannon Crew Member; AG - FA Meteorological Crewmember; GM - Gunner's Mate;
    • OS - Operations Specialist
  • Base line scores of 110 for Field Artillery (FA) and Technical (ST).
  • Must have six (6) hours of English and 3 hours of Math from an accredited college or university.
  • Must have two years documented (NCOERs) Section Chief Experience in feeder MOS. (Not Waiverable)
  • The majority of NCOERs must reflect outstanding and exceptional duty performance ratings noted with "among the best" ratings by the Rater and "successful" and "superior" ratings by the Senior Rater.
  • Soldiers must be fully deployable, able to meet all physical requirements IAW AR 40-501, be able to take and pass an approved APFT IAW FM-21-20 (standard or alternate), and meet height/weight standards IAW AR 600-9. Soldiers may request a waiver to take the Alternate Event APFT for entrance into Warrant Officer Candidate Program.
  • Have a written endorsement letter (LOR) from an interview with a CW3-CW5 who holds the 131A MOS. (Not Waiverable)
Preferred qualifications for MOS 131A for Regular Army:

Personnel with over 12 years Time in Service must submit a TIS waiver with packet.

Article Last Modified: February 25, 2011

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