MOS 13R—Field Artillery Firefinder Radar Operator

Qualifications for initial award of MOS 13R, Field Artillery Firefinder Radar Operator:

PULHES: 222221
Physical Demands Rating: heavy
Required ASVAB Score: SC: 98
Enlistment Bonus: Level 4
Security Clearance: Secret
U.S. Citizenship: Required
AIT Length / Location: 8 weeks at Ft Sill, Oklahoma
Other Requirements

Field Artillery Firefinder Radar Operator (MOS 13R) Description / Major Duties:

The FA firefinder radar operator operates or provides leadership in the operation of FA radar systems.

Duties for MOS 13R at each skill level are:

MOSC 13R1O. Establishes and maintains radio and wire communications; Prepares for operation, and operates and maintains firefinder radar’s (AN/TPQ-36 or AN/TPQ-37) and associated equipment. Construct fortifications, bunkers, and crew served weapons emplacements. Operates and performs operator maintenance on prime movers, radar system, and associated equipment.

MOSC 13R2O. Leads and supervises the preparation for operations and operates and maintains firefinder radar’s. Assists section chief in controlling Soldiers and equipment also provides technical guidance to lower grade Soldiers. Takes part in the reconnaissance and selection of site for emplacement of radar. Supervises and schedules operational maintenance on radar and associated equipment. In the absence of the section chief, assumes the duties of the section chief.

MOSC 13R3O. Leads and supervises the combat operation of firefinder mortar locating radar’s. Leads, trains, and supervises Soldiers in operation and maintenance of radar and associated equipment. Provide leadership and training for integrated target acquisition operations. Instruct Soldiers in radar operation, techniques, and procedures. Leads and supervises unit maintenance on firefinder radar and ancillary equipment, and operator maintenance on organic communications equipment and vehicles. Evaluates, processes, and reports target information to Battalion/Divarty. Recommends positioning of direct support target acquisition radar assets, sectors of search, and radar zone positioning. Recommend cueing guidance to Battalion/Divarty counterfire officer for weapon locating radar’s.

MOSC 13R40. Leads and supervises the combat operations of radar platoons. Lead Soldiers performing duties of FA firefinder radar operator. Conducts map and ground reconnaissance of general position areas for relocation of weapons locating radar. Coordinates survey data. Ensures radar visibility diagrams are constructed correctly for posting on battery capabilities chart. Conducts, coordinates, and evaluates platoon training. Leads, supervises, and trains the targeting element in a Tactical Operations Center in conjunction with the Fire Support Element (FSE). Collects and disseminates intelligence information and applies these products to the tactical employment of TA assets and counterfire operations. Assist in monitoring target acquisition assets operations, status, and current and proposed locations. Recommends TA coverage to include command and control relationships of organic and attached TA assets. Provides input to Divarty S-2 for consolidation into the Target Acquisition Tab. Recommends the positioning of General Support TA assets, sector of search, and radar zone positioning. Prepare Radar Deployment Orders (RDO) as required. Assist in maintaining the artillery OB Data Base and target file. Recommend cueing guidance to the S-2 for all Division TA assets. Assist in preparing the Target Acquisition Tab of the FA Support Plan. Coordinates logistics requirements and prepares reports summarizing data obtained from radar sections on troop strengths, logistics, surveillance techniques, and tactical operations.

Other Requirements for Award of MOS 13R:

(1) Normal Color Vision.

Additional Skill Identifiers for MOS 13R:

F9—Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System.

Article Last Modified: May 10, 2011

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