MOS 13T—Field Artillery Surveyor / Meteorological Crewmember

Qualifications for initial award of MOS 13T, Field Artillery Surveyor / Meteorological Crewmember:
NOTE: This is a restructured MOS that combined the Field Artillery Surveyor and Meteorological Crewmember into one MOS. The following is our best approximation of what the new requirements are for 13T.

PULHES: 211211
Physical Demands Rating: very heavy
Required ASVAB Score: ST: 91 & EL: 93
Enlistment Bonus: Level 5
Security Clearance: Secret
U.S. Citizenship: Required
AIT Length / Location: 8 weeks for Surveyor / 7 weeks, 3 days for Meteorological Crewmember
Other Requirements

Field Artillery Surveyor / Meteorological Crewmember (MOS 13T) Description / Major Duties:

The field artillery surveyor leads, supervises, or serves as a member in field artillery survey operations. FA meteorological crewmembers lead, supervise or participate in the operation of a field artillery meteorological observation station.

Duties for MOS 13T at each skill level are:

MOSC 13T1O. Surveyor: Record field data, prepares schematic sketches and marks survey stations. Perform astronomic observation, measure azimuths, angles and determines deviations for target, connection and position area surveys with angular measuring equipment. Assist PADS operator with the transfer, strap down and preparation for operations of PADS. Compute data using logarithms or calculator to obtain the unknown required field data to include computing for accuracy ratios and adjustment. Operates and performs PMCS on vehicles, radios, weapons, and all survey equipment.

Meteorological Crewmember: Assemble and operate computer and peripheral equipment. Remove and reprogram system software and firmware. Operate met and inflation equipment. Perform operator maintenance on electronic and manual meteorology equipment. Compute total and free balloon lift for helium and hydrogen. Emplace meteorology and inflation equipment. Perform inflation, preflight, and post flight duties. Utilize basic meteorology knowledge to conduct and report limited observations of surface atmospheric conditions. Input upper air information into Computer Assisted Artillery Meteorology Models to develop Meteorology data. Prepare data and met messages for dissemination. Prepare and release balloon train. Monitor flight progress and system status during flight. Utilize voice and digital electronic communications systems. Operate power generation equipment. Operate vehicles.

MOSC 13T2O. Surveyor: Supervises and coordinates PADS vehicle operations. Computes survey data, plots geographic/UTM grid coordinates and performs azimuth transfer with PADS. Operates PADS system, performs calibrations, zero velocity updates, and PMCS on PADS system. Assist collection, evaluation, and dissemination of survey information. Provide leadership and technical guidance to lower grade personnel.

Meteorological Crewmember: Supervises and perform unit level maintenance on electronic and manual meteorology equipment. Supervise the operations of the second shift during 24-hour operations. Verify data or met messages before dissemination. Analyze and repair computer and peripheral equipment malfunctions. Provide technical liaison to Direct Support and Depot equipment repair units. Verify calibration of electronic and manual meteorology equipment. Supervise inflation system emplacement and initialization. Select appropriate wind-finding mode and determine status and strength. Analyze operator fault diagnostics. Establish digital and voice communications, performs duties shown in preceding level of skill and provides technical guidance to subordinate personnel and maintenance personnel.

MOSC 13T3O. Surveyor: Selects and determines survey starting data and reviews data for errors. Supervises the proper maintenance on all assigned section equipment, prepares technical, personnel, and administrative reports covering training objectives and survey operations. Orients, instructs, and leads surveyors in survey procedures and techniques to include PADS operations. Provide leadership and technical guidance to lower grade personnel.

Meteorological Crewmember: Serve as Team Chief. Perform detailed analysis of raw weather data to determine validity of computer output. Analyze non-standard atmospheric conditions and initiate appropriate actions. Verify emplacement orientation data prior to first flight of the day. Supervises, inspect and test electrical grounding of all equipment prior to first flight of the day. Prepare technical and administrative reports covering met station activities. Analyzes and approves appropriate Wind-finding chains or satellites. Examine samples of data for quality control. Supervise handling of chemical and explosive materials. Perform duties shown in preceding level of skill.

MOSC 13T40. Surveyor: Determines methods of survey in order to obtain required accuracy, participates, prepares, organizes, and schedules the
survey parties. Serves as the principal assistant to the survey officer and performs his duties in his absence. Provides leadership, expertise, and inspects section equipment and vehicles to ensure the proper application of PMCS. Develop training plan to accomplish training objective. Direct collection, evaluation, and dissemination of field artillery survey information. Coordinates survey operations with other units and maintains survey maps/overlays.

Meteorological Crewmember: Supervises met operations. Develops meteorology plans to support local and Staff Weather Office requirements. Analyze weather data for significant changes affecting meteorology observations and soundings. Coordinate meteorology support when multiple Met sections are operating. Gather location information for input into weather forecast models. Analyzes technical and tactical competency demonstrated by Shift Supervisors. Develops schedules for obtaining and disseminating met data. Advise S3 on the employment and operation of the met assets. Coordinates expendable and repair logistical support activities. Coordinates with the signal staff to set prioritize means of communication and data dissemination. Perform site reconnaissance. Direct the security, operation, emplacement, and displacement of the met section. Maintain quality control of met data and flight log. Reviews and consolidates technical, personnel, and administrative reports covering met section and station activities. Organizes and supervises the met section training program. Review operator maintenance of meteorology, communications, and vehicular equipment. Supervise preparation and distribution of all met messages. Ensure adherence to all safety procedures. Manages met section logistics for repair parts and expendable items. Assess individual and collective tactical meteorology competence.

Other Requirements for Award of MOS 13T:

(1) Normal Color Vision.

Additional Skill Identifiers for MOS 13T:

5Y—Field Artillery Surveyor / Meteorological Crewmember
H1—Meteorological Equipment Maintenance (Rescinded on 1010).

Article Last Modified: May 10, 2011

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