Miscellaneous Officer Jobs / MOS List

There are some Officer jobs in the Army that don't fit into a specific branch. This is where we list such MOSs in order to give a complete picture of all jobs offered in the Army. If you can't find a specific Officer MOS here, it should be listed in one of the basic branches in the main Army Jobs / MOS List section. Those Officer jobs also include much more detailed information on requirements, qualifications, etc. Unfortunately, not much information is readily available for these more uncommon jobs.

Functional Area 30 Information Operations
30A—Information Operations Officer

Functional Area 34 Strategic Intelligence
34A—Strategic Intelligence Officer

Functional Area 40 Space Operations
40A—Space Operations
40C—Army Astronaut

Functional Area 47 US Military Academy Stabilized Faculty
47A—USMA, Professor
47C—USMA, Professor Of English
47D—USMA, Professor Of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
47E—USMA, Professor Of Law
47F—USMA, Professor Of Systems Engineering
47G—USMA, Professor Of Foreign Languages
47H—USMA, Professor Of Physics
47J—USMA, Professor Of Social Sciences
47K—USMA, Professor Of History
47L—USMA, Professor Of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership
47M—USMA, Professor Of Chemistry
47N—USMA, Professor Of Mathematical Sciences
47P—USMA, Professor Of Geography and Environmental Engineering
47Q—USMA, Professor and Associate Dean
47R—USMA, Professor Of Civil and Mechanical Engineering
47S—USMA, Professor Of Physical Education
47T—USMA, Professor Of Leader Development and Organizational Learning
47U—USMA, Professor Of Military Art and Science

Functional Area 48 Foreign Area Officer
48B—Latin America
48D—South Asia
48G—Mideast/North Africa
48H—Northeast Asia
48I—Southeast Asia
48J—Africa, South Of The Sahara
48X—Foreign Area Officer

Functional Area 49 Operations Research / Systems Analysis (Orsa)
49A—Operations Research/Systems Analysis
49W—Trained, Orsa
49X—Untrained, Orsa

Functional Area 50 Force Management
50A—Force Development

Functional Area 51 Research, Development and Acquisition
51A—Systems Development
51C—Contract and Industrial Management
51R—Systems Automation Acquisition and Engineering
51S—Research and Engineering
51T—Test and Evaluation

Functional Area 52 Nuclear and Counterproliferation
52B—Nuclear and Counterproliferation

Functional Area 53 Systems Automation Officer
53A—Information Systems Management
53X—Designated Systems Automation

Functional Area 57 Simulations Operations
57A—Simulations Operations Officer

Functional Area 59 Strategist

Functional Area 70 Health Services
70A—Health Care Administration
70B—Health Services Administration
70C—Health Services Comptroller
70D—Health Services Systems Management
70E—Patient Administration
70F—Health Services Human Resources
70H—Health Services Plans, Operations, Intelligence, Security, and Training
70K—Health Services Materiel

Functional Area 71 Laboratory Sciences
71E—Clinical Laboratory
71F—Research Psychology

Functional Area 72 Preventive Medicine Sciences
72A—Nuclear Medical Science
72D—Environmental Science and Engineering

Functional Area 73 Behavioral Sciences

73A—Social Work
73B—Clinical Psychology

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