MOS 351L—Counter Intelligence Technician

Counter Intelligence Technician (MOS 351L) Description / Major Duties:

Conducts investigations/operations by applying sound judgment and analytical reasoning methods to detect and prevent acts of espionage, sabotage, and terrorism directed against Army activities. Supervises and manages investigative/operational and administrative personnel from the local CI Office to tactical/operational CI teams in remote areas providing CI briefings to battalion and above key decision makers. Prepares, reviews, and approves investigative/operational reports of investigations and inspections. Performs terrorism counteraction analysis and threat analysis. Investigates national security crimes of Army interest as defined by regulation, the UCMJ, or applicable U.S. Code. Conducts and supervises both overt and covert investigations. Supervises the technical performance of subordinate military and civilian personnel in related job skills. Develops, evaluates, and manages sources and informants of military intelligence. Develops and approves investigative plans. Obtains and executes arrest and search warrants in coordination with the Criminal Investigations Division or the FBI. Interviews witnesses, suspects, and subjects, and obtains written statements executed under oath. Represents the Army's interests in investigations conducted collaterally with the DOD, Department of Justice, and other federal, state or local investigative agencies.

Other Requirements for Award of MOS 351L

Regular Army:

  • MI Proponent is NOT accepting Non-MI MOS feeder applicants for Regular Army 351M
  • Must be a SGT (E-5) or above.
  • Have successfully completed 35L MOS producing course or the CI Special Agent Course (CISAC) and eligible to carry CI credentials.
  • Graduate of the Military Intelligence Advance Leadership Course (ALC).
  • Have a minimum of four years 35L experience as a working Counterintelligence Agent in at least two assignments.
  • Have a minimum of three (3) NCOERs reflecting technical, tactical competence and exceptional duty performance ratings as a 35L. It is recommended applicants wait for their most recent finalized NCOER prior to application submission. The most recent NCOER provided cannot exceed 12 months from the date the WO Application is submitted. Applicants WILL submit all NCOERS regardless of duty position or duty MOS for review by the MI WO Proponent and Accession Board.
  • Must have a current Top Secret clearance based on a Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI) and must be currently eligible for access to sensitive compartmentalized information (SCI) prior to acceptance into the WOCS. Applicants requiring periodic reinvestigation (PR) must submit their PR paperwork prior to submitting a WO Accession Application.
  • Enclose a Letter of Recommendation (LoR) from a senior 351L (CW3-CW5). If no senior 351L is available please contact Proponent for guidance/assistance.

National Guard / Army Reserve:

  • Be a SGT (E-5) or above. (No Waivers)
  • All Non-feeders selected for 351L must attend 35L MOS producing course at Ft. Huachuca or approved alternate training sites before attending the 351L WOBC certification. Selected non-MI MOS feeder candidates are still required to complete 35L and 351L courses within two years of graduating WOCS.
  • All Non-Feeder applicants must submit a CI Applicant Process referenced, AP-611-1, AR 614-200, AR 381-12, AR 381-20 and DA PAM 600-8
  • Advance Leader Course (ALC) graduate.
  • Top Secret/SCI clearance required.
  • Memorandum of Recommendation (MoR) or Letter of Recommendation (LoR) from an Army Senior Warrant Officer (SWO) (CW3-CW5) is still required. MI WO Proponent will accept MoR from non-MI Senior WO due to unit structure not possessing MI WOs.

Article Last Modified: February 19, 2011

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