MOS 890A—Ammunition Technician

Ammunition Technician (MOS 890A) Description / Major Duties:

Directs and coordinates the implementation of the following activities: Accountability, receipt, storage, issue, inspection, maintenance and demilitarization of conventional ammunition, components, residue and inert training ammunition devices. Investigates and reports conventional ammunition accidents, failures, or malfunctions. Supervises and manages the Standard Army Ammunition System (SAAS) at all levels. Prepares and/or reviews ammunition storage waivers. Prepares, reviews and /or implements the following operational plans in ammunition storage areas: Firefighting, emergency destruction. Physical security, explosive safety and transportation flow. Performs other company grade Officer level duties as required/essential to the unit mission. Is a self-aware and adaptive technical expert, combat leader. Trainer and advisor.

Minimum requirements for MOS 890A Ammunition Technician:

  • SGT (E5) or above with five years field experience in MOS 89A, 89B or 89D. Recruiter, Drill Sergeant and other non-technical duties are not considered field experience. ARNG, USAR, and civilian experience related to MOS 890A is taken into consideration.
  • BNCOC (now known as Advanced Leader Course or ALC) graduate from a feeder MOS.
  • Copy of last five NCOERs, reflecting MOS proficiency in a supervisory capacity.
  • Letter of recommendation from a senior warrant officer (CW3 and above) in the MOS the applicant is applying for.

Applicants must submit a waiver request for each requirement not met. Waiver requests must explain why the waiver should be granted. No waivers permissable for E-4 and below.

Article Last Modified: February 20, 2011

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