MOS 91J—Quartermaster and Chemical Equipment Repairer

Qualifications for initial award of MOS 91J, Quartermaster and Chemical Equipment Repairer:

PULHES: 222222
Physical Demands Rating: very heavy
Required ASVAB Score: MM: 87 & GT: 85 or MM: 92
Enlistment Bonus: None
Security Clearance: None
U.S. Citizenship: Not Required
AIT Length / Location: 12 weeks at Ft Lee, Virginia
Other Requirements

Quartermaster and Chemical Equipment Repairer (MOS 91J) Description / Major Duties:

The quartermaster and chemical equipment repairer supervises or performs unit and direct support and general support (DS/GS) maintenance on chemical equipment, quartermaster machinery, forced air-heaters, and special purpose equipment.

Duties for MOS 91J at each skill level are:

MOSC 91J1O. Maintains (unit/DS/GS) and repairs electrical/fuel heater systems, pumps, reverse osmosis water purification systems, decontamination systems, protective filter systems, smoke generator systems, laundry washer/extractor systems and dryer/tumbler systems. Maintain internal combustion engine ignition/fuel/cooling/electrical systems. Perform battlefield damage assessment and repair (BDAR).

MOSC 91J2O. Performs duties in preceding skill level, supervises lower grade Soldiers and provides technical guidance to the Soldiers in the accomplishment of their duties.

Other Requirements for Award of MOS 91J:

(1) Normal Color Vision

Additional Skill Identifiers for MOS 91J:

H2—Laundry Systems Specialist.
P5—Master Fitness Trainer.
1J—Operational Electronic Warfare Operations (personnel only).
1K—Tactical Electronic Warfare Operations (personnel only).
1X—Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma (personnel only).
1Y—Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma (personnel only).
1Z—Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma (personnel only)
2A—Non-Lethal Weapons Trainer (personnel only).
2B—Air Assault (personnel only).
4A—Reclassification Training.
5W—Jumpmaster (personnel only).
6T—Military Auditor (Reserve Component personnel only).
8P—Competitive Parachutist (skill level 2-4 personnel only).

Article Last Modified: February 20, 2011

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