MOS 24A—Telecommunications Systems Engineer

Telecommunications Systems Engineer (MOS 24A) Description / Major Duties:

Applies electrical, electronic, telecommunications and systems engineering theory and principles to design, develop, install, implement, integrate, test, accept and upgrade telecommunications systems and networks worldwide. Supervises and manages telecommunication systems engineering organizations and activities. Provides detailed engineering guidance and technical solutions to Army, Joint and DOD telecommunications projects and programs. Manages the integration of multiple telecommunications systems components across multiple domains into a cohesive and functional system.

Responsibilities of a Telecommunications Systems Engineer (MOS 24A):

Telecommunications Systems Engineering officers perform the following functions for both strategic, operational and tactical based units:
(1) Design, plan, install, integrate and maintain backbone core-area tactical and strategic telecommunications networks, including portions of the Defense Information Systems Network (DISN) and the Global Information Grid (GIG).
(2) Plan, direct and supervise the installation, modification, test and acceptance of telecommunications systems and equipment.
(3) Design, develop and ensure compliance of telecommunications systems and networks.
(4) Plan, design and manage the integration of diverse types of telecommunications systems into interoperable information networks.
(5) Gather mission needs statementsInitial Capabilities Document (MNSICD), and operational requirementsCapability Development Ddocuments (ORCDD), and Capability Production Documents (CPD) for telecommunications systems and translate requirements into technical solutions that are standards-based and cost efficient.
(6) Develop network architecture for adjacent, higher and lower units, as well as for allied nations, other government agencies and commercial service interfaces.
(7) Perform staff functions requiring telecommunication systems engineering expertise, such as quality assurance and control, information system security, information assurance, spectrum management, configuration management and network control.
(8) Serve as technical representative to the contracting officer and Program Executive Offices (PEO), as well technicalas technical consultant on telecommunication systems engineering matters.

Article Last Modified: February 24, 2011

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