MOS 25E—Electromagnetic Spectrum Manager

Qualifications for initial award of MOS 25E, Electromagnetic Spectrum Manager:

PULHES: 222221
Physical Demands Rating: medium
Required ASVAB Score: 105 in GT & EL
Enlistment Bonus: None
Security Clearance: Secret
U.S. Citizenship: Required
Training Length / Location: 9 weeks, 3 days at Ft Gordon, Georgia
Other Requirements

Electromagnetic Spectrum Manager (MOS 25E) Description / Major Duties:

The electromagnetic spectrum manager develops, produces, and distributes the Signal Operating Instructions (SOI) using computer software programs; maintains a database of frequency requests and assignments and performs periodic reviews and updates; takes steps to resolve frequency interference reports and maintains a database of interference incidents; prepares and forwards properly formatted frequency requests to the appropriate military or civilian agency for coordination and approval and maintains contact with them; performs unlimited frequency planning, selection, and deconfliction using automated tools; performs field level maintenance on authorized signal equipment and associated electronic devices; and operates and performs preventive maintenance checks and services (PMCS) on assigned vehicles and power generators.

Duties for MOS 25E at each skill level are:

MOSC 25E3O. Receives communications network input, interprets information and creates frequency plans, organizes the data logically, and generates and distributes SOI to all users electronically or in paper copy. Prepares properly formatted frequency requests, forwards the request to the appropriate civilian or military agency, receives the frequency approval, and submits assignments to the frequency database. Generates Satellite Access Request (SAR) to proper controlling authority, receives Satellite Access Authorization, receives satellite frequency approval, submits assignment to frequency database, and informs user of the authorized frequencies. Performs regular frequency database reviews and submits requests for update when necessary. Receives requests for frequency use authorization, nominates frequency(s) from frequency database, makes assignments in the database, and notifies the requestor of the assignment. Maintains contact with military and civilian agency for the request and deconfliction of frequency use within the areas of responsibility. Ensure spectrum supportability for frequency emitting equipment which is being used within a specified area and obtains electronic warfare (EW) clearances. Receives frequency interference reports from victim units, takes appropriate steps to resolve interference, reports problem to higher headquarters for assistance, and maintains frequency charts, diagrams, reports, and a database of frequency interference incidents. Performs field level maintenance on authorized signal equipment and associated electronic devices. Operates and performs PMCS on assigned vehicles and power generators.

MOSC 25E4O. Perform duties shown in preceding skill level. Validate subordinate Army unit’s electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) request using Standard Frequency Action Format (SFAF). Review requirements for SAR. Prepares division and higher level echelon technical reports. Serves as principle or subordinate spectrum manager in JTF/CJTF or on the staff of a Joint, Combined, or Coalition activity who develops Joint Spectrum Use Plan, maintains, assigns, and deconflicts EMS information in JTF/CJTF database and resolves EMS interference in a JTF/CJTF.

MOSC 25E50. Perform duties shown in preceding skill level. Manage division and higher level EMS databases. Assist users in obtaining spectrum supportability through appropriate federal and host nation agencies. Assists in the resolution of frequency interference incidents, reports unresolved problems to higher headquarters for assistance, and reviews frequency interference databases for trends and repeat incidents. Provide advice and assistance to subordinate units for mission accomplishment and career progression of other Electromagnetic Spectrum Managers. Serve as advisor, for EMS management, to the commander. Prepare spectrum specific briefings for commander and staff. Develop theater level and higher Army EMS management policy and procedures.

Other Requirements for Award of MOS 25E:

(1) Normal color vision.

(2) A SSG with less than 10 years in service.

(3) A SSG BNCOC graduate from MOS 25C, 25F, 25L, 25N, 25Q, 25P, 25S, or 25U.

(4) A security eligibility of SECRET is required for the initial award of MOS. Must remain eligible to receive security access of TOP SECRET to maintain MOS.

(5) Ability to read, comprehend, and clearly enunciate English.

(6) Formal Training (completion of MOS 25E Course conducted under the auspices of the USA Signal School) mandatory or waiver may be granted by Commandant, U.S Army Signal School, ATTN: ATZH-POE, Ft Gordon, GA 30905-5300.

Additional Skill Identifiers for MOS 25E:

N / A

Article Last Modified: February 24, 2011

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