MOS 18X—Special Forces Enlistment Option

Qualifications to obtain the 18X Special Forces Enlistment Option:

PULHES: 111221
Physical Demands Rating: N / A
Required ASVAB Score: GT: 107 & CO: 98
Enlistment Bonus: Level 4
Security Clearance: Ability to obtain a Secret clearance.
U.S. Citizenship: Required
Other Requirements

Special Forces Enlistment Option (MOS 18X) Description:

Individuals who are non-prior service (NPS), or days of service / prior service (DOS/PS) will enlist under Option 3 (U.S. Army Training of Choice Enlistment Option), MOS 18X, and ship to Fort Benning, GA and follow the training path below:

(1) Inprocessing through the Reception Battalion at Ft Benning, Georgia.

(2) OSUT for MOS 11X. Soldiers must achieve an APFT score of 229 with a minimum of 60 points in each event upon completion of OSUT, using the standards for age group 17–21.

(3) Airborne training.

(4) The SOPC Course (Fort Bragg, NC). This course is two weeks in duration, consisting of physical conditioning, land navigation, and small unit team building. Individuals must obtain an electrocardiogram (EKG) prior to their arrival at SOPC Course.

(5) Once Soldiers meet all criteria, they will be scheduled for Special Forces Assessment and Selection (SFAS) (3 weeks, 3 days).

(6) After successfully completing SFAS, soldiers will be evaluated for placement in the most applicable MOS-specific Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQC) from the following MOSs:

18B—Special Forces Weapons Sergeant
18C—Special Forces Engineer Sergeant
18D—Special Forces Medical Sergeant
18E—Special Forces Communications Sergeant

Requirements for Initial Accessions into the Army:

(1) Must be 20 years of age by ship date to CMF 11 One Station Unit Training (OSUT) and have not reached their 30th birthday prior to ship date.

(2) Qualified for, and volunteer for airborne training (must have airborne stamp on physical).

(3) High School Diploma Graduate (Tier 1). (HSSR authorized for DEP-In only. Must have high school diploma prior to ship date).

(4) Must volunteer to attend airborne training after the completion of OSUT.

(5) Must successfully complete all pre-basic training tasks required by the United States Army Recruiting Command (USAREC) prior to ship date. The Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) must be completed within ten days of ship date.
Individuals will be enlisted in pay grade E–3 (based on HQDA exception for this option). Those individuals who fail to successfully complete any pre-basic training tasks will have their contract renegotiated and only authorized advanced promotion based on provisions of AR 601–210.

(6) Those individuals already MOS qualified as 11B and airborne qualified, will enlist under option 18 (U.S. Army First Assignment-No Training Enlistment Option) with assignment to Fort Bragg, NC, and once inprocessed will start training with Special Operations Preparatory & Conditioning (SOPC) Course.

(7) Must complete the Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB) test within 30 days of DEP-In (Future Soldiers Program) with a minimum score of 70 (waiverable) or a Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT) with a minimum of 1/1 reading and listening score, given within the last 6 months.

(8) Must have a physical profile rating of no less than 111221 and meet additional requirements for eyes and vision in accordance with AR 40–501 paragraph 5–3g3, and 5–3g4.

Article Last Modified: May 10, 2011

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