MOS 881A—Marine Engineering Officer

Marine Engineering Officer (MOS 881A) Description / Major Duties:

Supervises and performs installation and repair of marine power plants, propulsion systems, heating and ventilation systems, and other mechanical plumbing and electrical equipment in ships and marine facilities. Inspects ships, machinery to determine compliance with maintenance standards and/or to determine extent and nature of repairs required. Maintains maintenance logbooks and prepares maintenance reports and work orders. Implements the Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS) as it applies to Marine material. Manages onboard vessels repair parts supply.

Minimum Requirements for MOS 881A Marine Engineering Officer:

  • Be a SGT (E-5) or above.
  • Hold MOS 88L, or 12P with ASI S2.
  • Have at least three years of documented Marine experience in the Engineer Department within the past five years. More years of documented Marine experience may be considered by the proponent in lieu of the five-year recency requirement.
  • Score at the 12th grade level, or above, on the mathematics portion of the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE).
  • Must be certified in CMF 88 to grade per AR 56-9 if holding MOS 88L.
  • Applicants must have a physical profile of not less than 222221, distance visual acuity correctable to at least 20/20 in one eye and 20/40 in the other eye, and have normal color vision based on no more than four errors in reading the pseudoisochromatic plates test.
  • A Marine Certification Form must be completed with physical and included in packet.
  • Have a written recommendation from a senior warrant officer in either MOS 880A or 881A. If unit level commander is a warrant officer, this memorandum serves the requirement for a commander’s endorsement and warrant officer letter.
Preferred qualifications for MOS 881A:
  • Have one year of the prerequisite experience onboard a Class A Army Vessel or equivalent class ship.
  • Be a BNCOC (Advanced Leader Course or ALC) graduate.

Article Last Modified: February 26, 2011

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