MOS 12R—Interior Electrician

Qualifications for initial award of MOS 12R, Interior Electrician:

PULHES: 111221
Physical Demands Rating: heavy
Required ASVAB Score: EL: 93
Enlistment Bonus: None
Security Clearance: None
U.S. Citizenship: Not Required
AIT Length / Location: 5 weeks, 3 days at Ft Leonardwood, Missouri
Other Requirements

Interior Electrician (MOS 12R) Description / Major Duties:

The interior electrician supervises or performs installation and maintenance of interior electrical systems and equipment.

Duties for MOS 12R at each skill level are:

MOSC 12R1O. Installs and maintains interior electrical systems up to 600 volts. Reads and interprets drawings, plans, and specifications. Installs service panels, switches and electrical boxes. Install metallic and nonmetallic sheathed cable, conduit and special electrical equipment. Installs service drop. Uses test equipment to test operational condition of circuits. Assist in performance of combat engineer missions.

MOSC 12R20. Supervise installation and maintenance of interior electrical systems. Plans electrical system layout using drawings, plans, specifications and wiring diagrams. Coordinates construction planning and advises on electrical construction. Uses test equipment to isolate malfunctions and repairs defects in systems and components. Inspect interior electrical systems/components for proper installation in accordance with National Electrical Code and local ordinances.

Other Requirements for Award of MOS 12R:

(1) Normal color vision.

(2) Formal training (completion of MOS 21R course conducted under the auspices of the U.S. Army Engineer School) mandatory or meet civilian acquired skills criteria by having 2 years of experience, be certified as Civil Service-rated electrician WG-5 or have 2 years of experience and be apprentice member of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers or equivalent.

(3) No record of acrophobia or claustrophobia.

Additional Skill Identifiers for MOS 12R:

N / A

Article Last Modified: February 21, 2011

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