MOS 68G—Patient Administration Specialist

Qualifications for initial award of MOS 68G, Patient Administration Specialist:

PULHES: 323221
Physical Demands Rating: medium
Required ASVAB Score: CL: 90
Enlistment Bonus: None
Security Clearance: None
U.S. Citizenship: Not Required
AIT Length / Location: 6 weeks, 3 days at Ft Sam Houston, Texas
Other Requirements

Patient Administration Specialist (MOS 68G) Description / Major Duties:

The patient administration specialist supervises or performs administrative duties in patient administration division of
hospital or other medical activity.

Duties for MOS 68G at each skill level are:

MOSC 68G1O. Compiles data and prepares required statistical report on outpatient visits, inpatient visits, admissions, dispositions, and other selected workload area. Prepare reports and data on births, deaths, and reportable conditions for submission to military and civilian authorities. Initiate correspondence pertaining to medical records, medical board proceedings, line of duty investigations, and other records and reports pertaining to patient administration. Possess working knowledge of patient medical eligibility programs such as DEERS. Prepares and consolidates medical documents and files authorized documents ensuring proper sequencing of forms. Applies knowledge of medical terminology as it applies to anatomy and physiology. Prepare medical records for retirement. Assist in the preparation of medical information for release. Maintain a medical record tracking system within the medical treatment facility. Process patients for admission to medical facilities. Checks and verifies eligibility for care. Performs administrative duties and prepares appropriate forms to process and report very seriously ill and seriously ill personnel, to include notification of next of kin and progress reports. Accounts for and safeguards funds received for deposit in medical services account. Prepare patient and associated documentation for medical evacuation.

MOSC 68G2O. Performs duties shown at preceding level of skill and provides technical guidance to lower grade personnel in accomplishment of their duties. Performs medical administrative duties in various departments or services of hospitals to include: Posting administrative entries in medical records; Scheduling patients for medical board action; Monitoring long-term patient rosters; Maintaining patient workload data from subordinate services; Audits medical records for quality control based on the nature of care and treatment given; and Releases medical information, answers inquiries and provides information from medical records to requesting parties as authorized.

MOSC 68G3O. Performs duties shown at preceding level of skill and provides technical guidance to lower grade personnel in accomplishment of their duties. Assigns tasks to subordinate personnel to affect orderly flow of workload and ensure timely accomplishment of tasks inherent to patient record keeping, movement of patients, and other patient administrative matters. Reviews completed correspondence, records, and forms for administrative and technical correctness. Counsels eligible beneficiaries concerning military health care benefits. Counsels patients on physical disability processing procedures. Provide guidance to professional staff on cases requiring medical board action. Coordinate administrative aspects of medical board processing. Coordinate requests for care from other federal and civilian hospitals. Supervise performance of patient administration duties.

MOSC 68G4O. Performs duties shown at preceding level of skill and provides technical guidance to lower grade personnel in accomplishment of their duties. Advise hospital staff on Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospital pertaining to Medical Services to include: documentation, confidentiality, quality assurance, utilization review, and risk management. Coordinate medical care for military members, civilian emergencies, and other eligible beneficiaries. Manage MTF Defense Eligibility Enrollment Reporting System (DEERS). Serve as alternate Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Officer (PEBLO). Supervise performance of patient administrative duties.

MOSC 68G5O. Performs duties shown at preceding level of skill and provides technical guidance to lower grade personnel in accomplishment of their duties. Establishes and maintains coordination with other military/civilian medical treatment facilities. Coordinate patient administration activities in regional medical commands. Supervise performance of patient administration duties.

Other Requirements for Award of MOS 68G:

(1) No history of a felony conviction.
(2) No history of conviction of crimes involving:
(a) Any weapons/ammunition/explosives/arson charges.
(b) Any drug activity involving illegal possession, buying, selling or distribution (dealing) of controlled substances or synthetics.
(c) Violence against persons or property.
(d) Sexual misconduct.
(3) No record of conviction by special or general courts-martial or civilian courts of offenses listed in AR 27-10 (Military Justice), chapter 24 or otherwise required to register as a sexual offender under AR 27-10, chapter 24.
(4) Formal training (completion of MOS 68G course, or the RC ACCP nonresident--2 weeks resident course, conducted under the auspices of the AMEDDC&S) mandatory or meet the ACASP criteria in paragraphs (a), (b) and (c) below.
(a) Have 1 year training or experience or a combination of 1 year training and experience in medical terminology, medical administration and management of medical records in a health care setting.
(b) A letter from the individual’s current employer verifying competency and course transcripts are required.
(c) Proficiency training must be performed under the supervision of an NCO qualified in MOS 68G or a patient administration officer (AOC 70E).

Additional Skill Identifiers for MOS 68G:

N8—Combat Service Support Automation Office (CSSAMO) (skill level 2 thru 4 only)

Article Last Modified: February 17, 2011

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