MOS 25N—Nodal Network Systems Operator / Maintainer

Qualifications for initial award of MOS 25N, Nodal Network Systems Operator / Maintainer:

PULHES: 212221
Physical Demands Rating: heavy
Required ASVAB Score: EL: 102 & SC: 105
Enlistment Bonus: Level 4
Security Clearance: Secret
U.S. Citizenship: Required
AIT Length / Location: 21 weeks at Ft Gordon, Georgia
Other Requirements

Nodal Network Systems Operator / Maintainer (MOS 25N) Description / Major Duties:

The nodal network systems operator maintainer supervise, install, operate and perform field level maintenance on IP based high speed electronic nodal systems; integrated network control centers; network management facilities; associated multiplexing and transit cased subscriber interface equipment; Communications Security (COMSEC) devices; and other equipment associated with network nodal operations. Perform network management functions in support of maintaining, troubleshooting and reengineering of nodal assets as needed in support of operational requirements.

Duties for MOS 25N at each skill level are:

MOSC 25N1O. Install, initialize, operate, perform field level maintenance on electronic nodal assemblages, combat net radios, and ancillary communications equipment. Use computers and software tools to perform system/network operations. Interpret system and equipment error codes to correct system faults. Install, operate, maintain, perform Preventative Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS) and performs unit level maintenance on all internal communications systems and COMSEC devices. Operate and perform PMCS on assigned vehicles. Install, operate and performs PMCS on power generators. Perform as network controller in Brigade Combat Team Network Operations (BCT NETOPS) section. Execute the installation, operation, PMCS and field level maintenance of the Integrated System Control (ISYSCON), Joint Network Management System (JNMS), Detailed Planning and Engineering Module (DPEMS) or any other associated network management systems.

MOSC 25N2O. Supervise and perform as team chief or team member, in the installation, operation, employment, and field level maintenance on electronic IP based nodal assemblages and associated equipment. Perform and assist subordinate operators to execute nodal and COMSEC operations, associated computer and software related technical tasks. Interpret orders and compile system statistics for the shift and node. Assist in reconfiguration of IP based nodal systems equipment as needed. Request logistical support for teams or shifts. Implement network operations center generated changes to support operational requirements. Direct or assist in conducting PMCS procedures on assigned vehicles, power generators, combat net radios and all other associated internal nodal communications systems.

MOSC 25N30. Supervise and perform complex and multifaceted nodal operations functions. Supervise the installation, operation, deployment, provisioning, maintenance of electronic IP based nodal assemblages, combat net radios and all related COMSEC devices. Disseminate network orders, compile and submit operational statistics reports and processes requests for logistic support. Coordinate, integrate, and control the operation of IP based nodal systems with associated transmission systems and local subscriber interface equipment. Perform network operations center tasks for planning, reconfiguration and employment of nodal systems equipment. Ensure contingency operations plans and nodal routing subsystems are correctly maintained in nodal databases to reflect current operational scenarios. Troubleshoot complex system faults, supervise or correct failures to meet system availability and reliability standards. Interpret, disseminate and implement network changes/reconfigurations affecting nodal network architecture operations. Execute or supervise in the installation, operation, PMCS and field level maintenance on all associated network management equipment or systems. Conduct technical, operational and maintenance training of subordinates on nodal operations procedures.

Other Requirements for Award of MOS 25N:

(1) Normal color vision.

(2) Ability to read, comprehend and clearly enunciate English.

(3) Ability to work for extended periods in a confined area.

(4) Formal Training (completion of MOS 25N Course conducted under the auspices of the USA Signal School) mandatory or meet the ACASP criteria per paragraph (a) and (b) below. Waiver may be granted by Commandant, U.S. Army Signal School, ATTN: ATZH POE, Ft Gordon, GA 30905-5300.
a. Must meet requirements for MOS per DA Pam 611-21.
b. Must have completed a minimum of 1 year of accredited college or technical school studies in electronics/electronic switching systems repair and WAN network or have 2 years verifiable experience, or combination of formal training, experience and certification totaling 2 years, in installing, operating and maintaining telephone exchange or primary branch exchange systems to include certified promina switch network equipment training. This experience base should include knowledge of Internet Protocol (IP) based switching, multiplexing, Video Teleconferencing (VTC) systems and proficiency at the configuration, operation and troubleshooting of routers and E-switches. Having a working knowledge of Network Operation Center (NOC) operations and Promina Multi-service access platform certification is recommended.

Additional Skill Identifiers for MOS 25N:

J7—WHCA Console Control Operations.

Article Last Modified: May 10, 2011

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